THE CRUX TAROT, a minimalist tarot deck illustrated by transgender and queer tarot reader Harvey James, brings inclusivity and accessibility to tarot. It eliminates imagery saturated in gender in favor for a simple clear execution of the card’s meanings. The Crux tarot is a tool to help you elevate your practice while diving deep into the symbolism of the tarot.



About a year into my tarot journey, tired of the lack of queer inclusive decks available and abundant biased resources for learning tarot, I embarked on a project to create a deck of my own. One that stripped away the stereotypical and problematic, reducing tarot down to its root archetypes and meanings.

I used clean minimalism to create a deck that acted as a canvas, the figures and suits as guidelines, for any personal narrative to be painted on. I explored a court system that encouraged the reader to analyze sexist perceptions of the queens and kings. I proposed a renaming of the majors that offered a fresh perspective on the narrative it depicted.

This deck was intended to be a deck just for personal use, but the magic it has brought forth has made it so much more.



Time and time again I return to the use of tarot as a tool for enlightenment, but like most things, it is far from inclusive and accessible across the board.

Most tarot decks hardly challenge stale and problematic perceptions of diversity. For allies, the task of reading inclusively can be hard when the most accessible decks are bias or stereotypical. For marginalized readers, the lack of community and validation can be the difference between falling in love with tarot, and not connecting with it.

I have always believed that these two problems were not inherently separate. Both problems require learning tools and resources that don’t rely in bias interpretations. At the intersection is the search for inclusive, minimalist tarot. This is where The Crux Tarot is to manifest.

The Crux Tarot is a tool for all readers to investigate the core of tarot, introducing a fresh perspective into their practice. It acts as a beginners deck for the work of inclusivity, community building, and critiquing the way we talk about and use tarot.

Crux refers to the core of an issue or situation, as well as a particular point of difficulty. In this way, the name of this deck reminds us not only of the sacred truth available to us through tarot, but of the very important work that gets us there. A more inclusive future is only possible through our dedication and hard work. Likewise, diversity and creativity in the tarot community relies on us creating a collective space that is accessible and inclusive.



You can read the meanings behind every completed card on my Patreon! Patrons get early access to all the card posts!

(These pictures are of test cards, and may not represent 100% accurately the final deck.)



This deck in its current state, as mentioned before, was illustrated in a very short period of time, back in the beginnings of my tarot journey. Since then, I have learned a lot and recognized many changes I wish to make to the deck to create my vision.

I have plans to re-illustrate many of the images, for better quality in a final product. I also intend to write a descriptive booklet to act as a resource for The Crux Tarot. All of this work takes time, and although it is something I am passionate about, passion unfortunately doesn’t pay the bills.

Any support I receive through Patreon directly helps my efforts to manifest this deck. As a thank you to all patrons, I will be posting behind the scenes illustrations, polls, card descriptions, and more on my Patreon page. Any contribution, starting as low as $1 a month, will allow you access to all content! Purchasing readings in my shop also helps support my work.



I am currently finished illustrating the deck, and I have moved on to test printing and guidebook design.

I am inspired by this deck, and I am very excited to complete it, but other obligations and work make it hard to estimate how long it will take. As of right now, I have no firm date at which this deck will be available.

The more support I am able to have, the more time I can spend creating The Crux Tarot. As I move through the process, I will continue to update everyone on my process and goals.