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the crux tarot - major arcana

The re-illustration of The Crux Tarot’s majors is complete, and I have been unveiling them on Instagram and Patreon!

All 21 major arcana designs, card titles, and interpretations are now available on Patreon, here!

21 majors marble.png


patreon is back!

Harvey James Tarot is back on Patreon, with a brand new set of tiers and rewards. Supporting me on Patreon allows me to produce better content more frequently, and helps fund new exciting projects as well as the eventual distribution of my deck!

Contributing as little as $1 will get you access to behind the scenes work on my deck, discounts, early access to blog posts/updates, and exclusive polls regarding offerings!


Harvey JAmes Tarot on instagram 




I believe that tarot’s greatest use is as a tool for healing and growth, both in the community and the individual. As a transgender and queer person, I make it a point to approach tarot with a perspective that is inclusive to all. The core of my reading style is looking deeper than social traditions and stereotypes to read in a way that connects to every individual, no matter who they are.


To allow tarot to be an effective tool for growth for all, I prioritize the roots of tarot: the journey toward enlightenment, and the open mindedness that journey requires of us. I actively seek to leave behind the restrictive imagery and narratives imposed on the tarot, and build community around voices bringing tarot into the struggle for personal liberation, and the liberation of our communities.

My approach to tarot is centered around a non-hierarchical, non-binary, and non-judgmental perspective. I read archetypes of gender and sexuality presented in the tarot as empowering symbolism instead of confining stereotypes, offering tarot’s great guidance to those who have been ignored, erased, and even vilified within the conversation of tarot and spirituality.

Harvey James Tarot is a manifestation of my desire to bring together divination and diversity, through education, exploration, and individual readings. My priority is to share my unique perspective in a way that helps others connect with what I have found to be an incredible tool for growth and empowerment.

About HArvey JAmes


I am a transgender, nonbinary, and queer tarot reader, artist, and writer. I am a Gemini Sun, Pisces Moon, and Cancer Rising. I currently live in Michigan, and my favorite stones are blue tiger’s eye and moonstone. I use they/them or he/him pronouns.

I have illustrated my own tarot deck and I have authored and presented the Gender and Tarot workshop on gender and sexuality in tarot. I am currently working to print my deck, The Crux Tarot, and make it accessible to other readers. I am also exploring how to digitize my workshop and offer my knowledge of tarot and queer identity to those seeking to diversify their practice.

Tarot is my passion, and I am so honored to be able to connect with others through this work. If you would like to know more about me and my practice, feel free to ask me!