• Tarot helps us explore ourselves and our options, and reveal insight through our personal perspectives and experiences. Tarot is not meant to serve as a static picture of the future, or read anyone’s minds. Tarot is simply a way to communicate with yourself and the world around you, through exploration and reflection.

  • I am not a therapist, doctor, lawyer, or financial expert, and I do not claim that my readings can or should be used as a substitute for medical care or professional advice. I also cannot give you static defined truths of the future. I will not claim to know the identity of future partners, the "right" solution to any problem, or the thoughts of another person. I will refuse to read on these topics.

  • Tarot reading involves interpreting symbols intuitively without much context into your life beyond what is given. The more you tell me about your situation, the better I can connect symbols back to your life!

  • Please allow up to one week for readings to be completed, though most readings will be completed much quicker. I will contact you if I believe a reading will take longer than a week to complete, at which point I will be happy to offer a refund.

  • All readings will be recorded, uploaded as an unlisted video, and then sent to you via email. Your video will never be shared with anyone, and it is yours forever. You can rewatch it as many times as you would like!

All purchases are non-refundable (unless I am unable to complete your reading within the agreed upon timeframe). My readings and advice are for entertainment purposes only.