Personalized Sigil Reading

Personalized Sigil Reading

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Bringing powerful wisdom and powerful design together, this offering brings your tarot reading to life through an empowering symbol!

I will perform a tarot reading, and cards drawn for you will become the groundwork for a personalized hand-drawn sigil. The shapes, symbolism, color, and general theme will all contribute to the unique design of your sigil, which will then be rendered digitally. This offers infinite possibilities for the application of your sigil: phone/computer wallpapers, invisible watermarks on documents and notes, social media icons, and more!

As a part of this reading you will receive:

  • An audio file of your reading

  • Digital photos of your cards

  • Two digital renders of your personalized sigil (one transparent and one with a colorful background that matches the intent)

  • A short description of the prominent symbols featured in your sigil and it’s purpose/meaning

This offering can be done with either a three or five card reading, following the style of my typical Three Card and Two Planes readings. This reading works best when the querent has a goal or question in mind.

When purchasing this, you are purchasing the commission of the sigil, and you may use the files of the sigil how you see fit. If you do decide to share it publicly, please credit the design/reading/offering to me.

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Please read my reading disclaimer before purchasing.

All readings are prerecorded unless otherwise specified. You will receive an audio file emailed in MP3 format unless otherwise specified in the reading description. If you would like to schedule a live reading, please contact me for details and pricing adjustments.

Please allow up to one week for readings to be completed. I will contact you if I believe a reading will take longer than a week to complete.

All purchases are non-refundable. My readings are for “entertainment purposes” only. Readings should not be taken as medical, financial, or legal advice. Please seek a professional.