Self and Journey

Self and Journey


A twist on the classic celtic cross, this is a comprehensive spread that encompasses the situation at hand, past and future events, allies and challenges, subconscious influences, and advice. 


If I feel compelled to draw more cards and/or if cards jump from the deck during shuffling I will read those as well.

Your reading will be delivered via email, including an audio file and a digital photo or multiple photos of your reading depending on the size of the spread.

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[Deck Pictured: Albano Waite Smith Tarot]

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All readings are prerecorded unless otherwise specified. You will receive an audio file emailed in MP3 format unless otherwise specified in the reading description. If you would like to schedule a live reading, please contact me for details and pricing adjustments.

Please allow up to one week for readings to be completed. I will contact you if I believe a reading will take longer than a week to complete.

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