Mailbox Magic - Snail Mail Reading

Mailbox Magic - Snail Mail Reading

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Everyone loves getting mail that isn’t bills or junk, right? Bring some insight to your inbox with physical tokens of magic and written guidance!

Each letter will include:

  • the actual tarot card drawn for you

  • a handwritten letter describing your reading

  • an element from a book (poetry, art, etc.) that was found through bibliomancy

  • an instant photo of an altar space built around the energy of your reading to serve as a portable spell or token of mindfulness

  • an original unique drawing and some poetic lines to match the intention of your tarot card’s guidance

I will also email you a digital photo of the altar space if desired, just be sure to select this option when you buy!

This reading is incredibly intuitive, so specific details of the letters’ contents may be adjusted to best suit the nature the reading’s themes, but not drastically departing from what is described here!

The deck I use for this type of reading my change between readings, that surprise is part of the fun!

All purchases have an additional $1 added for estimated shipping during check out, which makes the total $16 for each reading

Please allow up to a week for your mail to get to you. If your letter does get lost in the mail, I can refund your purchase, offer you a replacement mail reading, or a three card video reading.

Please contact me for trades, or other accommodations.

Digital Photo Option:
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Please read my reading disclaimer before purchasing.

Please allow up to one week for readings to be completed. I will contact you if I believe a reading will take longer than a week to complete.

All purchases are non-refundable. My readings are for “entertainment purposes” only. Readings should not be taken as medical, financial, or legal advice. Please seek a professional.