reading scholarship

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Scholarship readings are an opportunity to extend my services to those who otherwise would be unable to purchase a reading due to systematic barriers impacting their access. This includes (but is not limited to) folks affected by racism, classism, queerphobia, misogyny, etc.

Once a month I will select an applicant to receive a free tarot reading of their choosing. Simply fill out the application below to enter!

Though I prioritize cases where one’s identity intersects many of these factors, I will never turn away an application. You will never be judged or asked for proof of how you identify. The information on these applications will NEVER be shared with anyone. I respect your privacy and value your truth. To ensure everyone who applies has an opportunity, I will limit the number of readings one individual receives.

What name should I use for you? This does not have to be your legal name.
What pronouns do you use?
Select all that apply. This is entirely your decision, and you will never be asked to prove your identity. This information helps ensure I offer these readings to folks who experience barriers when trying to accessing healing.
Which reading would you like? This will not affect your chances of being selected for the scholarship. (If you are unsure which reading would fit your query best, please be sure to explain your topic/question below.)
What would you like your reading to focus on? If you are unsure about which type of reading you would like, this information can help me choose the best reading type for your query.
Finally, where did you hear about this offering?