The major arcana of The Crux Tarot is unlabeled. The only specific identification of these cards is in the roman numerals on each card.

In creating this deck I set out to rename the majors in a way that I felt was clearer about the crux of each card. I feel these new titles explore the meanings of the majors in interesting ways, and connect them all within the deck’s theme of challenging oneself to read with a more open, inclusive mindset.

The titles do not appear on the cards, however, because I firmly believe that this will strengthen our connection to the symbolism and imagery presented. As you explore this deck, looking up the majors will reveal the title, and allow you to see the card from a new perspective.

Not putting the titles on the cards also gives the reader a choice. If you connect strongly with a traditional title, or any other way of knowing a specific card, you are free to call it by that name. So if the third major feels like an Empress to you, they are an Empress. If the twelfth card feels like The Hanged One, the sixteenth a Blasted Tower, by all means, know them by that name. The naming system presented is meant to be an exploration of the cards, not a prescription of thought. Allow your intuition to guide you to the title that best fits the card when reading with The Crux Tarot.