The Crux Tarot uses the four traditional tarot suits. Like the majors, there are no visible titles on the cards featuring the suits, so feel free to explore different names for them. For the purposes of this guide, however, they will be known as coins, wands, cups, and swords.


The connection between each suit and its corresponding element is very important in The Crux Tarot. The suits are a physical manifestation of the larger, more thematic concepts of the elements. The suits are the physical tools we hold, specific actions or memories. Elements are universal, and exist in all of us, everywhere, and at all times. The suits allow us to harness the powerful but vague ideas of elements in our day to day lives.

As an example, the coins are symmetrical and solid, like the grounded and heavy energy of earth. Swords are sharp and mindfully crafted, like the articulate and directed air energy. The visual of each suit alludes to what it represents to allow quicker recognition of the energy present on any given card.