a deck at an intersection

The Crux Tarot started as a project to explore tarot’s potential for inclusivity and diversity, but I also intend it to bring people together. The minimal design and rich symbolism make this deck a canvas on which anyone’s narrative can be painted. I like to think of The Crux as the bones of tarot, an x-ray of the collective understanding of the cards. It is left purposefully vague so that all readers can see themselves in the cards.

I hold in high esteem the fantastic decks that set out to represent individual identities or life paths. The world needs more women-centric, gay-centric, trans-centric, black-centric, working class-centric (etc. etc. etc.) decks. And I may find myself called to create a deck in the future that helps fill that void. But The Crux Tarot is about bridging the gap between readers and tarot communities. It is an opportunity for seasoned readers to expand their understanding of the tarot with more inclusive interpretations and gender neutral imagery. It is also an opportunity for marginalized readers to learn tarot on a deck that does not erase or belittle them. The Crux tarot sits at the intersection of what one knows, and what they have yet to discover. It is a convergence of minds, hearts, and futures, all explored on equal ground through the tarot.

My greatest hope for this deck is that it will bring you both comfort and challenges. I hope for it to live up to its name, and be transformative for all who encounter it.