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Three of Swords: Ally of Change

The Three of Swords is a card with a pretty bad reputation. Across most decks it is represented by a heart impaled by swords, pitting emotions against action. But how can we shift our perspective on this card? What can other representations teach us about its meaning? This post also includes a special spread, using the metaphor of the Three of Swords as a tool for accessing truth and growth.

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The Star - Truth & Queer Honesty

The Star, among other things, represents an incredible sense of peace with one’s own subconscious self. In the dark of the night, the star is the persistent truth that allows us to break free of shame and fear. For many queer people, this is an ideal that is chased eternally. Pure truth like we see on the Star is accessed through moments of honesty. I was inspired in a moment of honesty to draw a Star card of myself.

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