1. the diviner WATERMARKED.png

The High Priestess of the Crux is titled The Diviner. Divination is a process involving vulnerability and accessing truth, so the Diviner is aligned with this intention. This card is meant to compliment and oppose the energy of The Conjurer, by being receptive and grounded. Both of these cards go hand in hand, and both of these energies are present in everything and everyone. While they represent an important duality, are not a binary, but rather a spectrum. As seen in the cards to follow, these concepts of "active" and "passive" are never absolute, and often must be mixed and transmuted to achieve our goals.

The Diviner is grounded physically with their long but rigid cloak. Two pillars beside them call on the imagery of the RWS High Priestess, but also place The Diviner's presence as a break in absolute duality. Their form interrupts the absolute parallel of the two pillars, and reminds us about the importance of the middle ground when it comes to pause and information gathering. Behind them a veil blocks the promise of a simple and crisp horizon line, unlike the mountains in The Conjurer. There is a simplicity in standing still, in observing without deciding. But it is not true peace and calm. The Diviner reminds us that, like the Conjurer's state of complete activity, complete passivity is never the solution to complex issues and situations. Centering ourselves is the first step in being vulnerable and opening ourselves to truth. But what must follow is passionate action...