The Creator is the third major arcana card in The Crux Tarot, and takes the position typically occupied by The Empress. The title's focus on "creation" reminds us of what it means to be creative and to mold our reality. Creation requires both active, passionate work, and receptive states of inspiration and contemplation. For this reason, this card becomes an emblem of the fusion of cup (water) and wand (fire) energy. This focus on elemental/suit fusion seen throughout the first line of the majors is meant to drive home the balance of these fundamental archetypes. No archetype is more important or useful inherently, only a product of different approaches and priorities. And they all exist within us.

The visual aspect of The Creator makes use of many aches and curves, as a reference to the complete fluidity in this card (cups/water and wands/fire are both fluid energetically). The arches can be tumbling waves, bowing stalks of grain in a field, or even bridges. This card exemplifies our creative ability, and so its specifics are left fluid and up for interpretation, as the minimal style of The Crux prioritizes on all cards.