The Conjurer or The Magician is the first numbered major arcana card in the Crux. The Conjurer is a representation of pure presence, and the empowerment of the ego. All is possible, and all is within their reach. I chose the Conjurer as a way of refocusing the card on the pure idea of manifestation, instead of the qualities of creativity and problem solving I would more so associate with the third major.

The Conjurer is levitating, their cloak calling to mind butterfly wings in flight. From this perspective, they rise above the rugged mountains behind them, showing the power of confidence and presence over obstacles. The singular line at their center refers to a pillar of strength, as well as compliments the two pillars seen in the second major as a way of showing basic duality. The snake forms the illusion of crossed legs, to show they are in a meditative state, but also brings to mind infinity, as well as the ouroboros.

In my previous illustration from the original deck, the magician had all four suits from the minor arcana present in their form. When creating this card, I thought it would be appropriate to use the suits in both the Magician and the High Priestess to represent a clearer association between those cards and the passive and active suits. The Conjurer in this case represents full active energy and manifestation, so they are pictured with a sword and a wand where their arms might be. This change means both the first and second majors receive equal treatment in their relationship to the suits, and feel more balanced over all.