Gender and Tarot Workshop: Tarot Salon Detroit

This last Sunday, the 25th, I hosted the second occurrence of my Gender and Tarot: Reading Inclusively workshop at Tarot Salon Detroit (hosted by the amazing Janis Garan)!

I am so blessed to have had this opportunity to present this workshop again, and I thank everyone who gave their valuable input on how to improve on it! This includes some ideas that came up about other workshops in the future, and how to make them accessible to people who aren't local (internet versions of the workshop are coming for sure!)

Both this workshop event, and the previous event at the Boston Tea Room in Ferndale, were huge first steps for me. I am very passionate about gender and sexuality issues, and I greatly appreciate the opportunity to educate people about them in a formal setting.

I regretfully did not get a picture of everyone at the workshop, but I did get this picture of the beautiful cake that Janis had made for the event, which was so sweet of her! (pun half intended)


It brings me such joy to be able to answer questions and provide resources to those who are confused, and to share my perspective on tarot with people who may have never thought of things from that angle before. Although it inevitably makes me more vulnerable, the thankfulness and support make it worth it to me. 

I think sometimes about all the trans educators who came before me. People who spent their lives educating people and making positive change. I feel their spirit in this work, even though I am just beginning. I know that I am making a positive impact, and that is what drives me to expand and improve.

I would like to thank every person who attended this workshop, and the previous one. You have all supported me in my effort to educate and collaborate with readers of all walks of life. I could not do this without the support and critique of those who have found value in my mission. 

Ultimately, I see us all as a community in some ways. Anyone who, like me, sees room for improvement in the tarot community belongs here. We are forging a new future for all readers, especially LGBTQ readers whose voices often go unheard, and whose concerns often go unnoticed. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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