About HArvey JAmes

Harvey James (they/he) is a transgender, nonbinary, and queer tarot reader, artist, and writer. They have illustrated their own tarot deck with gender neutral imagery and an innovated naming system, bringing to life a modern and inclusive tarot narrative. Harvey has authored and presented the Gender and Tarot workshop on gender and sexuality in tarot, educating local readers on how to provide inclusive readings and how to expand on normative card interpretations.

Harvey is currently working to expand their workshop into a digital format to make it accessible to readers all over, and from all different experience levels. They plan to revise their deck, and make it and an accompanying guidebook available for purchase in the future.


Harvey is a Gemini sun, Pisces moon, and Cancer rising, currently living in Michigan. Their favorite stones are blue tiger’s eye, smokey quartz, and citrine, and their favorite color is blue!